Rod Suskin

Note my new phone number! 021-180-4876

Chart Readings

You can make an appointment online or by phone, and you can have the consultation in person, by phone or using Skype from anywhere in the world.
There is a wait of about 6 months for appointments, so book soon. Urgent appointments are available to those with genuine need. Click on consultations in the menu for more information about making appointments and to make a confirmed appointment instantly.

Astrology Courses

Rod's Astrology School offers acclaimed courses at a very high level, guaranteed to take serious students to the level of professional practice. Courses are held in live online classes so that students can attend from home, anywhere in the world.
Rod offers three 1-year courses:
  • Foundation course for all newcomers and those wanting to gain a solid foundation
  • Certificate course for graduates of the Foundation Course or other 2 year courses
  • Diploma course for graduates of the Certificate course; others may apply with special permission
Most students, even those with prior knowledge, benefit the most by starting with the Foundation course. Visit the courses page for information about times, costs, requirements, course info, and to apply.

Rod Suskin’s World

Rod Suskin's weekly TV show dealing with the astrology of all the latest news and events, your personal questions, and also explains key spiritual and astrological concepts in a logical way that is sensible but still spiritual, easy to understand and easy to explain to your friends and clients - or just point them to this channel. Watch on Cape Town TV (DSTV 263), on YouTube and on Facebook.