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Study with an Internationally respected astrologer

Rod Suskin’s course is internationally recognized as an outstanding and complete training for professional astrologers. His graduates have become known as some of the most reliable and accurate astrologers in Cape Town. Rod’s course is a 3-year syllabus designed to ground the student firmly in traditional and modern astrological methodology, proper techniques of interpretation and prediction, specific techniques required for professional practise and the full range of astrological method an astrologer is expected to know. The course ensures a grounding in correct method and accurate results and allows students who complete the Diploma to enter professional practise with confidence and skill to quickly build a successful career.
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Not just for newcomers: Students can start at Level I, II or III
(each level takes 1 year to complete).
Not just in Cape Town: Students attend live weekly online classes from anywhere in the world.

Students accepted from all over South Africa and the World

The course is taught via live online classes (“webinars”) as well as a variety of powerful, cutting edge new online technologies. Astrology is a vast and complex subject and the new virtual campus is designed to make your education more thorough, more solid and broader.The online learning format allows you to attend a class wherever you are.
This is not by correspondence - these are live, weekly interactive classes with Rod Suskin with audio and chat connections for all students, plenty visual material, astrological software demonstration, charts, whiteboard, everything a state-of-the-art 21st Century classroom should have. The Virtual facilities allow the course to be as complete as a real degree and allow students to continue to interact, learn, contribute to knowledge, engage in online learning activities and more during the week between classes.
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Where you start depends on how much you already know

• Newcomers to astrology and most amateurs should start at Level I (Foundation)
• Experienced amateurs & students/graduates of other courses may be able to start at Level II (Practitioner’s Certificate) *
• Long-time amateurs and experienced astrologers may be able to start at Level III (Professional Diploma) *

* students who want to start at Level II or Level III will be required to pass an entrance exam and will be charged an additional entrance fee

How long you study depends on your goal

• If you aim to be a professional astrologer, you should complete Levels I - III
• If you want to use astrology to complement your existing profession, or if you just want a complete enough education to practise astrology responsibly and accurately for whatever reason, you should complete Levels I - II *
• If you’re just an interested amateur, only want to do astrology for yourself or are unsure about whether you want to complete a certificate or Diploma, you should complete Level I
* if your other qualification is Medicine or another health profession you should complete Level III which includes instruction in medical astrology.

Why Study Astrology?

Astrology is a vast subject covering all aspects of human experience. It can be used as a tool for personal understanding, as a divining tool, it can be a fun hobby to amuse and amaze your friends or a professional path offering all the challenges and rewards of a career. It is also a profound source of spiritual wisdom and a powerful tool with which you can help others seek their paths.

Astrology has grown enormously in the last 10 years. There are more professionals in the field than ever, it is beginning to be taught again at universities in England and the USA and great developments are being made within the field itself. Old techniques are being rediscovered, cutting edge new techniques have become available through computers and Vedic Astrology, the oldest and most spiritual branch of Astrology has finally taken root in the West.

In keeping with these exciting times, this course has been structured and focused to reflect these developments and to prepare students of Astrology for an equally exciting future.

The course is also well suited to professionals in other fields (especially Medicine, other healing fields, Psychology and Law) who can enormously extend their skills.

Is This the Right Course for You?

There are many ways to learn astrology, many courses and literally millions of books. In fact, most amateur astrologers and many professionals are self-taught – undoubtedly the most difficult way to learn astrology! In the end, it all depends on why you want to learn astrology and how much time and effort you are willing and able to offer it.

The best candidates are those who intend to be professional astrologers, or professionals in other fields who wish to supplement their existing professional skills.

The course I offer is a full professional training similar to a University course. As such, it is very demanding, intense and challenging. It is aimed mostly at people who intend to study towards the professional use of astrology, whether as a career or as an adjunct to an existing career (as Astrology can be a beneficial or even essential skill in many fields.) It will ensure that you have a solid foundation in the history and classical methods as well as the modern practice of the art. You will gain a full understanding of basic and advanced techniques, as well as training in how to use them in the real world. You will learn astrology as a practical cosmology, a psychological science and a profound spiritual art. If you persevere through all three years you will confidently be able to walk the path as the student and practitioner of the oldest and most profound science and be able to offer a meaningful service to those who seek you out.

• This is the course for you if you are serious – even passionate – about your need to learn astrology and your intention to follow it as a career path.
• This is the course for you if your existing career would benefit from your ability to understand people and their lives (doctors, lawyers, psychologists, counsellors, coaches, etc).
• If you have self-studied or never had formal training, this is the course that will “fix” your astrology.
• Serious amateurs will benefit from studying the Foundation course (first year) and may be inspired to continue with further studies.

You do not need to know any astrology to start.

Recognition of Your Qualification as an Astrologer

Currently, Astrology is not recognized as a profession by South African law (or any Western country) and thus there neither any specific requirements nor advantages to the qualification. The Diploma gained here therefore has no legal status; however, Rod Suskin is widely known here and internationally as an experienced Astrologer and most others in the field will recognize the Diploma. The course has been internationally acknowledged for its exceptionally high standard. Graduates of this school have gone on to be accepted into the M.A. programme in Cultural Astrology and Astronomy at the University of Wales at Lampeter, where Rod himself is reading for his Masters degree.
You can rest assured that your future colleagues and clients will acknowledge your qualification. Most important of all, you can rest assured that you have a solid and thorough training and can justifiably lay claim to being An Astrologer!
Astrologers are working towards greater unity and this qualification will also ensure you are in touch with these developments. Should the legal status of Astrology change in the future, your qualification is highly likely to be recognized judging how these matters have proceeded in other fields.

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Other Course and Classes

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