Rod Suskin

The School moved online in 2010

Attend live classes from anywhere in the world

The school recently announced plan to move into a virtual campus with the best of cutting edge educational technologies and live online weekly classes. The internet allows for live online classes with presentations, demonstrations, whiteboard, screen sharing, audio chat, private chat, massive convenience and new learning technologies which enable students all over the world access to knowledge, information and teachers they would never have been able to access in person. Distance is no longer a problem and the difficulties of correspondence courses do not exist because these are real live weekly classes.
Students require a PC or Mac with any broadband connection and a headset.

Better than “real world”

Some people think that in-the-flesh teachers make a better and more personal connection with each other, but experience proves otherwise. As we know from the telephone, and of course from the network of chat opportunities on the internet, people form close, intimate connections online and are more able to ask questions when they can’t be seen - a great opportunity for many students who feel inhibited to raise their hands (the online class allows questions and all students are able to speak or write private questions.)

Rod has specialized communication experience that he brings to the lessons

Rod Suskin is an experienced radio broadcaster, TV presenter and public speaker and so brings a range of communication skills that many teachers don’t have and which make this not just any live audio class!
There is a long list of advantages that make the virtual classroom the most powerful (and environmentally friendly educational) facility available today, and one which makes learning a richer and more rewarding experience than the 4-walls classroom.