Spirits of the spooky kind

For the record, and in response to some of the concerns that people who know me raised about my “I See Dead People” post. From my own experience, I do think that ‘ghosts’ exist. I think that they are sometimes¬† a strange¬† phenomenon whereby an ‘energy memory’ of some kind seems to stick to certain places, but also that they may be actual dead people. In that case, they either don’t understand that they are dead, and so are trying to interact with the living world, or they are powerfully attached to this world due to trauma or unfinished business.

So yes, sometimes psychic mediums may help those dead folk with unfinished business. So some of the dead can sometimes be contacted – but not the telephonic chatty stuff that John Edwards and his ilk do and that the previous post was all about.

And yes, I do think that people can be genuinely psychic, and that often explains why the psychic who give messages from the dead can give accurate, already-known information: they are unconsciously picking up the thoughts from the living ‘client’ (rather than from the dead person.)

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