Beware fake science about Zodiac Changes: The Truth

Quite a few people have contacted me regarding an item on a recent NBC broadcast – and elsewhere online – claiming that there is a 13th sign of the zodiac and that the zodiac signs have moved. This is a well-known fake science attack on astrology that has been around – oh, probably for many hundreds of years – and every time it reappears everyone acts like OMG they just “discovered” this! (For the record, constellations are not discovered, nor is the zodiac, they are both entirely man-made ideas!)
Its the fake argument that astronomers trot out whenever they feel threatened by astrology’s ongoing acceptance. The actual fact is that in around 160 BC – that’s over 2,000 years ago – astrologers – not astronomers – discovered and discussed this issue. The fact is also – very importantly – that astrology is not about the constellations and does not make use of them. This astronomer DELIBERATELY conflates signs and constellations (because like astrologers, astronomers actually  know the difference.) They are not the same thing. Constellations are imaginary groupings of stars that behave somewhat (but not entirely) in the way this fake scientist describes. SIGNS, which astrologers have used for over 2,000 years, are imaginary divisions of the Sun’s path that are named after the constellations. They will never change or move, that is the beauty of the mathematical scheme that astrologers devised thousands of years ago. 
There is no 13th SIGN called Ophiucus. There is indeed a 13th CONSTELLATION of that name, which astrologers have known as long as they’ve known the other 12, but as I said, constellations are immaterial to astrology. Astrologers divide the sun’s path as a way of measuring their system of time, and the planet’s inhabitants’ behaviour related to life on earth (hence the sun’s path in the sky, causing all life on earth).
This is not the last time this “discovery” will happen – but now you know how not to be fooled.

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